Blind to benefits

And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to promise. (Galatians 3:29 ESV)

А коли ви Христові, то ви Авраамове насіння й за обітницею спадкоємці. (До галатів 3:29 Ukrainian)

Most holy Father in heaven ~ thank you in the precious name of Jesus, for this new blessing-filled day. We are often blind to the numerous benefits we receive because of being justified by faith in Christ by faith, and baptism into his death. Walk with us as we walk in step with our dear Lord to the best of our ability. Silence those who would throw cold water on the spectacular life that is ours now as citizens of the vast Kingdom of Christ. Amen.

David Binkley, Sr. Gospel Minister

Cedar Key Church