Born With Sin?

            It is a teaching of many denominational churches that each person born in this world is contaminated with the sin of Adam. In a discussion on Romans 5, this comment is made: “But this universal state [of sin] must have had a cause. It did. The consequence’s of Adam’s sin was that the ‘many were made sinners’ (vs. 19)” (Scofield Bible, p. 1557).

Romans 5:19 does not teach this at all. Read Romans 5:12-19 and note the following: a) the action of Adam brought a result: death (5:17a). The action of Christ brought a result: life (5:17b). With death as with life there is judgment (5:18). Romans 5:19, therefore, is saying this: as one was brought into the realm of sin, one is also brought into the realm of life. We choose which realm to be in by our actions (cf. 6:16-18). RT

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