Brotherhood Trends that I See

The answer to this question could fill thousands of words. I will be brief because the answer all comes down to one issue: Changing ideas on Biblical authority.  Many no longer see Scripture as absolute truth. They are more interested in being pleasing to the world and bringing in paying customers. The church has become a financial boom and this has led to a serious crisis in the Lord’s Church.  We do whatever will keep people coming and giving.

I recently watched a worship service of a Church of Christ in Austin, Texas online that had a praise team and a woman singing a solo during communion. I have been a Christian for nearly 30 years and lived in a lot of places. Yet,  I barely recognized any aspect of their service.  They are using the denominational world as their standard, rather than Christ.

When we abandon Biblical authority, there is no limit to where we will go in pursuit of Satan. Expect far more changes, as a result.

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