Cambodian Mission

NOV. ’09 Cambodian Mission Report
We got into Cambodia around Wednesday, Nov. 11th, late at night. We slept in Phnom Penh and then,  spent a day relocating to Kampong Cham. I had to leave my pass port in (2hours from Kampong Cham) Phnom Penh to get an extended visa. I preached twice on Sunday. We went through the week-end with two baptisms, in (an hour and a half from Kampong Cham) Kampong Thom. One was a 64 year old man who had had a stroke. He was pretty much paralyzed. He had to be carried from his home to the baptismal water and then held through the baptism. The other one baptized on Sunday was an eighty year old lady who could not walk. She also had to be carried to the water and held during the baptism. The water was a duck pond and everyone came out itching. There is a bird paracite that causes that. We need to put a baptistry in at that new congregation. The church there meets in the local policeman’s home. Besides our group there were about 30 people present.

On Monday we headed back to Phnom Penh to pick up my passport and then headed for Kampong Saom (about 6 hours from Kampong Cham, 4 hours from Phnom Penh)to check on things there. We finally slowed up a little and visited the beach at Kampong Soam. There we had one baptism from a person we talked to on the beach. The van had power steering problems so we stayed in Phnom Penh for the night so it could be worked on. (No parts in Kampong Cham.) Pauley received a phone call from someone that says they have a group in Takeo that wants to be baptized and start a new congregation (about 6 hours from Kampong Cham on the Mekong where it flows into Vietnam).

Several years ago we had a congregation at Veal Reign near Sihanoukville in Kampong Soam.
The preacher received a years training at Sunset in Phnom Penh. He married a beautiful Buddhist girl against our advice and then tore up that congregation. There were several dedicated people in that congregation, but it scattered to the four winds. One of those people is in Takeo. We stopped in Veal Reign, located a realitive there and got phone numbers for some of the old members. One had moved to Phnom Penh.

Dorris Morrison has just returned to Phnom Penh from Arizona. I met with her about starting the Bible/English study with the 104 4-20 year olds that are students at the Phnom Penh Aspara School. One of the major contributers to that school is a friend of ours from Stockton and has told them to cooperate with arranging study times for our Bible study if we can get someone to teach it. Most of the church of Christ missionaries are in Phnom Penh, but say they need to study themselves instead of teach the children. I hope that is alright with God, but to me that sounds a lot like the problem in Eze. 34. Dorris agreed, but in the year we have been looking for someone who cares enough to try, the school had filled the slot for that teaching. They will work on providing another time slot in their school schedule for Dorris. Dorris will do a superior job for them and Christ.

My second Sunday in Cambodia I preached at Kampong Cham and Chan-Un-Date. It was great to see brothers and sisters in Christ who have been faithful to Christ for most of the years of our Cambodian ministry. We had 9 baptisms at Kampong Cham. Some of them were relatives. Pauley had a grand daughter baptized into Christ and one of my wife’s sisters had a grand daughter baptized into Christ. They are both wonderful teenaged youth you can be very proud of. There was also a family from the countryside that came to be baptized and several young men aspiring to become preachers.

Sokhum Hun called and is in Phnom Penh trying to locate a home for his family as he begins a ministry focused on bring the Moslems of Cambodia to Christ. Pray for his success. Mike

Meierhofer says they are trying to finance a medical mission for January again, but are very far from their goal. Pray for his success. The soul harvest is ripe here. Pray for our wisdom in making the most of the opportunities. We intend to use the radio ministry to help with the Moslem outreach. Pray for Gods guidance and help in the things we do here. Pray for the increase that so far God has generously granted.
………………………………..In His service……Bill Singleton

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