Can it be known?

In the mass of humanity can it possibly be known that one if seeks out the Lord the Lord will find that one? How can one speck of dirt be so easily seen by anyone when all around you is nothing but a mound of dirt?

There was a woman who was so ill that hardly any knew of her presence when the crowd thronged around Jesus. Yet, in her act of faith, perhaps with some uncertainty, she reaches out and touches someone – not just any (or every) someone but the Someone – Jesus.

She was healed instantly.

The disciples were amazed that Jesus would even begin to ask the question about who just (merely) touched Him with the crowd pressing in on Him. He knew, and he looked on her who was “guilty” and said to her that her faith made her well (Mark 5:25-34). What is it that the Lord of all the universe is so interested in one small speck of dirt that He is able to pick that speck out of the mound of those around who have a mere curiosity?

Can it be known that you seek emotional and spiritual relief, that you are heavy with guilt? Oh, it can be known, but will you let it be known?

How strong is your faith?

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