Cancer Attacks Preacher's 4-Year-Old Son

This information was just published by Louis Rushmore on his Gospel Gazette email list.

For two months, 4-year-old Benjamin Wright has been anemic. A week ago, taken to a doctor’s office, a physician diagnosed the little boy with influenza. The next day, suffering pain, he was taken to a hospital emergency room, whereupon the family was advised that Benjamin had appendicitis, and he was transferred to another hospital. There, the family was told that he had a tumor in his stomach. Upon operating on little Benjamin, surgeons discovered a cancerous mass described as the size of a soccer ball. However, the doctors were unable to remove all of it, and the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. Part of Benjamin’s intestine was removed, and cancer is also attached to his bladder. Little Benjamin Wright’s surgical wound was not closed, he is being treated with chemotherapy, and he is being fed intravenously. Benjamin remains in ICU in a Jackson, MS hospital.

Nathan and Holly Wright, Benjamin’s parents, plus two siblings live in French Camp, MS, where Nathan preaches for the Huntsville Church of Christ and is a coach for the local school. Bonnie and I worshipped with the church recently before the discovery of Benjamin’s sickness. This little boy (and the whole family, too) is so precious as well as exemplary. When I called the Wright home desiring updated information, it was Benjamin’s voice on the answerer that said no one was home, please leave a message; it was difficult to refrain from tearing up.

Please remember Benjamin Wright and his family in public and private prayers. Anyone desiring to send a get well card may mail it to Benjamin Wright at 1776 Highway 413, French Camp, MS 39745. Anyone desiring to help defray the mounting financial burden to the Wright family may send checks to: Benjamin Wright Fund, Bank of Kilmichael, 509 N. Applegate, Winona, MS 38967.

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