CARBONITE – how to EASILY prevent data loss (even if your laptop gets stolen or destroyed)

Seeing Chad’s post about stolen laptops makes me sad. For those who may be unaware, there is a great program called Carbonite that I’ve used for several years now. The cost is $60 per year (a little over a dollar per week for peace of mind!). There is no storage limit (I’ve got 168 gigabites stored on their servers–55,000 files). The BEST part is that once you install the software, it works in the background automatically. You don’t have to think about it! Anything you save on your computer (pics, word docs, power point, music, etc.) is automatically backed up on line without you having to do anything!

Years ago I used to back up on DVDs, etc. But, I’d go months (sometimes longer) without remembering. And even then, what if my house burns down or blows away and the backups get destroyed, too?

With Carbonite, I simply buy a new computer/laptop, log on to Carbonite, hit RESTORE and all of my files will start downloading to my new machine! (makes upgrading to a new computer easy, too).

One final benefit of Carbonite–say you’re away from all your files at home, but you have access to the internet. No problem! Just log on to Carbonite, and you can open any of your files that have been backed up on their servers!

I love Carbonite! Although I do not get paid for this infomercial, if you decide to get a subscription, tell me before you do and I can get you a discount (as well as tacking on a few free months for myself). 🙂