Catching up on some Daily Nudges

Who is my best friend? Out side of my wife, which is family I don’t really have one that is as close to me or me to them as my wife. The closest friend I have is my preacher friend that The good Lord, myself and 300 plus congregations and individuals have been helping financially to get a liver transplant. He considers that he owes me his life, but no, he owes his life to God and a lot of other people.

As for what question made the biggest difference in my life, I would have to say, “Now what will you do’? This question was asked after a very thorough Bible study. It’s like the question asked Peter in Acts 2:37, “What shall we do”? There are only two choices to these questions. One either walks away and let’s the choice bother them all the rest of their lives. Or they choose to do what God wants all of us to do by being baptized into Christ for the remission of our sins.

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