Catholics Come Home

Letter to editor,

The other day (Monday) while I watched a little bit of the collegiate national championship football game I saw this commercial that others had been telling me about. It promoted a website that I thought I would peruse. The television commercial was a message to the many Catholics that have wandered away from the church; there is an appeal for each of them to “come home.” The commercial appeals to people with its positive message.

I appreciate the conviction the Catholic Church has regarding itself, but it is a conviction that is worth challenging. For instance, on the website we read that the Catholic Church is the one Jesus founded 2000 years ago. If one were to subtract that number from our current year that would mean that that the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus when He was a teenager! It is likely they meant something like “nearly” 2000 years ago. But is it true? NO

Look through the pages of the New Testament and see if one can find “Catholic Church” (or anything equivalent) even one time; for that matter, I even encourage you to look in a Bible that is printed and sanctioned by the Catholic Church. It won’t be found. Moreover, look throughout the pages of the New Testament and see if “cardinal”, “pope”, “archbishop”, “monsignor” (among many other terms) is even mentioned. If they are not mentioned (and they are not) why attribute to Jesus what He did not say? The Catholic Church has an answer – for they have been at this for quite a while. Their answer, however, has appearance of substance when, in fact, it is as shallow as a mile wide and an inch deep!

I think it is great there is a promotion of one’s (the Catholic Church’s) conviction in public discourse. Let us have a debate on that topic and allow others to investigate the truthfulness of the claims.

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