Chapter by Chapter: Ephesians (alternate)

Here is an alternate chapter-by-chapter rundown of Ephesians (not original with me, though I don’t know where I got it).  This one focuses on the overall theme of the book, the church of Jesus Christ.  Someone once wrote that Colossians could be summed up with “The Christ of the Church” as its theme, & Ephesians could be summed up with “The Church of the Christ” as its theme.

Ch. 1—The church: Christ’s body

Ch. 2—The church: The house/temple of God

Ch. 3—The church: Declaring the wisdom of God

Ch. 4—The church: Perfection & unification of the church

Ch. 5—The church: The spotless bride of Christ

Ch. 6—The church: The army of God

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