Chapter by Chapter: Galatians

Ch. 1 – No other gospel / Paul not taught by men, but by revelation

Ch. 2 – Paul’s trip to Jerusalem / Confrontation w/Peter at Antioch / Justification by Christ, not the Law / Crucified with Christ

Ch. 3 – Abrahamic promise made before Law of Moses, not disannulled by it / Law of Moses was to bring us to Christ / All one in Christ

Ch. 4 – Christians adopted as sons, heirs / Allegory of Hagar & Sarah

Ch. 5 – Stand fast / Circumcision, uncircumcision irrelevant / Walk in the Spirit / Works of the flesh vs. fruit of the Spirit

Ch. 6 – Restore the fallen / Bear one another’s burden / Reap what you sow / Do good to all / Glory in the cross

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