Christian resolve stronger as moral decline continues

U.S.A. New York state legalized same-sex marriage yesterday, the sixth and so far the largest to do so. Meanwhile, a United Methodist Church woman pastor got a hand-slap of 20 days suspension for officiating a lesbian union in Milwaukee. She said she’ll do it again.

These signs of moral degeneration multiply daily. Christians should not put their hopes in a conservative political movement. Religious conservatives (evangelicals) think their influence is waning.

The saints are called to faith in God and the mission of proclaiming the gospel. Bottom line: Let us learn to teach the plan of salvation.

IN THE KNOW. To the side column have been added feeds to, Yahoo’s religion news, and general links from Drudge Report. Space permitting, the old Google feed for the phrase “church of Christ” may make a comeback as well. It is good to be aware of the news that show society’s tendencies and directions.

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ETERNITY. The purpose of TFR and the Forthright/GoSpeak ministry is to prepare us all for eternity. The sharing of our faith is designed to encourage us in the good work of service to God and building up the Lord’s church.

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