Please respond: What challenges do Christian social media face?

Dear brothers,

I’m planning an article on about the challenges that Christian social media have trying to make a go of it, in face of larger services like Facebook or Twitter. (I often say that FB has sucked the air out of the Internet.)

If you are an owner of, or participant in, Christian social media, please send me a quote about the challenges or obstacles your efforts face or that you see in general for smaller venues.

By social media I include both hosted and independent media, including services like ning, WP with social media plugins like BuddyPress or similar, forums, and email groups.

I will also make a short list of Christian social media for the report. A church website or a personal teaching site would probably not be classified as such. For an overview, see this article:

Key to this definition is the creation and exchange of user-generated content.

Please send me a response by 12 noon today, American Central time, if possible. Include your name as you want it to appear, a short phrase identifying yourself, and your connection to a Christian social media effort.

From the replies given here and by email, a representative sample will be used.

You may reply by responding in the comments area below, or if you prefer, to me privately at