Christianity not McLaren’s answer

“…as I’ve said, I don’t believe Jesus came to start a new religion, nor do I believe Christianity (or any religion) is the answer in itself” (Brian McLaren, “A New Kind of Christianity,” p. 255).

That sums up McLaren’s commitment to Christ. Christianity is not the final answer. The Bible is not the final answer. McLaren has the final answer and it is……that there is no final answer. Rather, the “answer” is in the search for it, not in the finding of it. The worst thing you can do is claim to have the answer. By the time he’s done remaking it in his own image, Christianity bears little to no resemblance to anything on the Bible’s pages. For that matter, he believes much of the Bible is myth and wholeheartedly embraces Darwinian evolution–as well as an evolving concept of God from OT to Jesus. It is all very sickening to anyone who still takes Scripture as literal, divine revelation. Time and again he whacks away at the idea the Bible is a pattern to be followed for belief and practice. I don’t know that I’ve ever read a book where there seemed a blasphemy on every page, but I have now.

So, Randal, maybe that’s what makes me grouchy?