The Christian’s bread and butter

By the phrase “bread and butter” is meant the essential elements or mainstay of the Christian life. The latter term, “mainstay,” is defined as “a central cohesive source of support and stability.” Those are good thoughts for this list.

These are the beginnings of a sermon series. It might work also for a new convert study. The focus, as can be seen from a glance, is God and what he offers the disciple of Christ. They’re in no certain order.

  1. To do the will of God.
  2. To edify the church of God.
  3. To obey the Word of God.
  4. To proclaim the gospel of God.
  5. To glorify the name of God.
  6. To ask the blessing of God.
  7. To depend upon the grace of God.

Might I have overlooked something? What could be added?

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