What I would write on a Christmas card with a Nativity scene

Somewhere along the way, we wound up with a few postcards with religious themes. I believe they came in a package we may have bought by a group of painters, without use of hands, who hold brushes in their mouths and feet. The proceeds went for their support and livelihood.

So we have a goofy-looking angel. Shepherds staring upwards at a star. Shepherds and wise men together before Jesus in a manger. A visually pleasant collection, all the more impressive considering how they were made.

I suppose we still have them because, not celebrating Christmas as a religious observation, we decided not to use them as Yuletide greetings.

But I might use them this year. And, if I do, here’s what I will probably write on the inside of the card.

During this time of year, many people think of the baby Jesus in a manger. We think of him all year round as the powerful Savior who will return any day now, to carry his faithful people to heaven. Because you are important to us, we invite you to think of him this way, also. Let’s study the Bible together to see what it says about this Jesus, and how we can prepare for his return.

You think this would be appropriate? What would you write in a Christmas card with a religious scene?