Church budgets down

I read this today from 21st Century Christian’s Teacher’s Digest.

Economy Affects Churches — A January 2010 George Barna poll indicates that many churches (across denominational lines) have been adversely affected by the poor economy. While some churches have been able to thrive in spite of the economy, the overall trend is down. On average, church budgets are down 7% from the previous year. The typical “down” church was forced to cut its budget by 14%. The number of adults in attendance affected the degree of lost income. Churches with 100 adults or less had an average budget drop of 16%. Those with 100 – 250 adults were off by 13%. Those with 251 – 999 adults in attendance were down 11%. Churches with adult attendance of 1000 or more were off by 9%.

It would be interesting to see research on how churches are cutting their budgets, what approaches they take, if they cut across the board (who believes that?) or if certain areas or ministries are first on the cutting block.

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