Challenges to the church in Cuba

This letter, by a person who visited Cuba recently, points up some of the challenges that the Lord’s body faces in Cuba. Not only economic but social.

Arienne and our bus driver, Omar, drove us to the area called “modern Cuba.” Before we arrived, I was expecting to see the best places in Cuba as I assumed it would be newly built and modern by its name. To my dismay, “modern Cuba” meant anything built during the 1920s-1950s. Nothing has been built since. That is their modern city. Source: Young Lauren Chilton Visits Cuba – Cafe Hayek

Are people brainwashed by the government? Or did they defend it for fear of reprisals? Either way, such attitudes of the Cuban people must present hardship to evangelists.

Many places today face similar challenges. At the same time, social upheaval may open people’s hearts to the gospel. We are praying exactly for that in Brazil, as the country sees agonizing twists and turns every week in the ongoing corruption scandal.

At every turn, the saints’ thoughts ought to turn to how situations and circumstances can be used to good advantage for the kingdom of God.

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