‘Does the church have electricity?’

church-lightA brother in Florida mentioned Saturday that the electricity in his home was supposed to be restored in a few hours, after Hurricane Matthew swiped the Atlantic coast headed north. A person asked, “Does the church have electricity?”

The person was referring, of course, to the building where the church met. That’s unfortunately language, but you figure out how to get people to change their vocabulary.

Her question, however, invites reflection on the state of our congregations.

If we take electricity in her question as a metaphor for zeal, life, excitement, enthusiasm, it becomes a wonderful exploratory assessment.

  • Does the church have the life of the Spirit of God, having died to sin in order to live to God? Rom 6.
  • Does the church possess the zeal for the truth of the gospel, not only to preserve it, but to proclaim it to the whole world? Gal 2.5; 2 Cor 6.7; 2 Tim 2.15.
  • Does the congregation urge every saint to show the holiness of God and the love of Christ? 1 Thes 3.12-13.
  • Does the family of God speak incessantly of its Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, putting him in the center of its attentions? 1 Cor 2.2; Col 2.2-3; 3.11.
  • Does the body of Christ move quickly to deal with sin in its midst and restore those who err? Gal 5.1-2.
  • Does the church put away the ways of the world and let itself be transformed in the image of Christ by a constant renewal of the mind? Rom 12.1-2.
  • Do the people of God nurture among themselves the sharp hope of salvation in the coming of Jesus Christ, looking to their eternal life in heaven? 2 Pet 3.1-13.

The Lord supplies his people with a constant stream of electricity, if only they are plugged into his source. He gives us every reason for joy, zeal, power, and life as members of his body, 2 Pet 1.3-4.

Do you have it?


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