Is there a ‘church of the future’?


Over on my Plink area, I mention a phrase in a prayer read today, asking God to “help us to bring into being your Church of the future.”

I like the phrase, and then I don’t either. Here’s why I like it.

I like it because it recognizes that

  • the church is God’s.
  • God uses his people to produce fruit in the kingdom.
  • a potential exists which has yet to come into being.
  • prayer finds the power of God for service.

To talk about the “church of the future” bothers restorationists like us. That’s probably what I don’t like about it. As well as it being used among us to talk about youth in the church. We don’t mind talking about new congregations being established, but in a real sense aren’t these the Church of the future, which God wants to see brought into being?

The phrase is not one that I would normally use in a prayer. It seems to leave itself open to some unbiblical interpretations, and quite likely the original prayer has some of those in mind.

But sometimes it’s good to hear different phrasings that get us out of our ruts and challenge our thoughts.


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