Church growth

Much church growth literature today is how to make your #church bigger rather than how to spread the #gospel in the world. Big difference.

That’s the little blurb about church growth that I put on Twitter and, through that service, on Facebook that has garnered a number of positive comments. More than I usually get, anyway. When I studied church growth back in 1982-83, it was a missionary enterprise. Today it has turned inward, into a 1-2-3 step-by-step American-flavored recipe to bake a bigger church.

The American church is influenced by its surrounding culture: bigger is better; money solves problems; build it and the people will come; volunteerism never gets the job done, so the more salaried people the more gets accomplished.

There is much to love in the American church, but there are points where she is blind as a bat. And the denominational literature on church growth, today, is one part Tony Robbins, one part Peter Drucker, two parts Roger Ailes.

Whatever happened to Donald McGavran?

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