Church of Christ Articles Website

by Travis Main

Over the last 4 months, I have been working hard to put together a website which will enable individuals in finding articles written by solid members of the Churches of Christ. With eight current contributors and more to come, Church of Christ Articles is set to be a website which will reach thousands and thousands who are seeking a knowledge of Christ.

Please visit and share this site with as many others as you able. There are multiple hundreds of topics already on the site and thousands of articles more to be added. The website is fully searchable and can be viewed not only with articles most recently posted, but also alphabetically and by author.

The sister site to Church of Christ Articles – That Christian Website – will continue to post audio, video, and outlines. However, the main purpose of Church of Christ articles is to provide visible material to be read through and printed as desired for use in local works.

Thank you very much for visiting the site and may it provide you with a great deal of useful information.