Clockwork and emotion

Back home again! Our trip — yes, let’s call it a vacation — was really great, spent with family. And getting home is always good as well. For the first time I can remember, in a long while, I returned home feeling rested. And it’s good to be back on TFR. Missed you guys, though I’ve been reading a good deal, so I’m not entirely out of the loop.

• During our trip, I’d decided to keep up only two, yeah, three things: my Forthright Magazine articles on Mondays, and the Portuguese devotional which I’ve also been translating regularly into English. I’m glad to say I didn’t miss a lick during the entire time.

• I’m not always so clockworkish. Writing has its creative, moodish element, though it is eight parts persistence. Not all my material written during our trip was of the highest quality, but I trust it was all true, understandable, and amen-able. (And even amenable.)

In the news. Is it justifiable to connect emphasis upon emotion with the modern evangelical praise movement? Could the music minister who tased his pastor, after getting the pink slip, be cited as a case in point? (Ironic the church name, New Welcome. Maybe that’s the new wave way of doing things.)

• Colossians 3 is the NT reading for today. Maybe the New Welcome folk might want to read it next Sunday. I need to, I know.

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