Of coincidences, solstice, etc.

solstice, seasons• We’ve often posted Hugh Fulford’s News and Views here on TFR, with his permission. Now Dale Jenkins has set up a blog for our good brother. Since his ezine will now be available online, you may follow it from there, if you like.

• In his fine program, 100 Days of Scripture, Jon Warnes has grouped the Bible verses by subject. Today, he starts a new, short group on sin:

“Sin” Verses
Day 24 Romans 3:23 (June 21)
Day 25 Ezekial 18:20 (June 22)
Day 26 Romans 6:23 (June 23)

This fits nicely with my “God With Us” Devotional today with the longish title, “What about the Indian in the middle of the jungle who never heard the gospel?” Unplanned. Was a coincidence.

• Like yesterday’s coincidence, when Ron T. posted about division in the family because of Christ, and my devotional was on division caused by ignorance.

• Light is finally appearing in the windows. Our daytime is short these days, shortest today, right? I never understand these things, solstice, equinox, seasons, daylight savings time. Not even after reading about it. I’m just glad to wake up in the morning, be it early or late, to be alive, hungry, thirsty, ambitious, zealous for the things of God.

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