Mr. Coleridge’s record is safe, etc.

• After nearly forgetting about the One-Liner Dictionary, I’ve added another entry today, this one on inertia. It came to me as I lay in bed this morning, contemplating the energy required to rise. Check the Definitions category for a few other entries as well.

• If you don’t see your blog in my friend-link list, it’s probably because (1) I just overlooked it, or (2) you’re not posting with enough regularity.

• Did you catch my longish poem yesterday on Christian Poets, “With Fragile Soul“? Longish for me, anyway, with five stanzas of four lines each. No “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” or anything like that; nope, no breaking of Mr. Coleridge’s record as the longest major poem in the English language. So you can read it in about, say, three minutes. Afterwards, reflection might require a bit more, and a comment to assuage the agony of the author, another minute.

• Before long, writers will have to put at the head of their posts and articles a line like this: Average Reading Time: Three Minutes. People are too much in a hurry, wouldn’t you say? I confess to being as much a scanner as the next surfer doing the typical hop, skip, jump on the Internet, but sometimes I’m tempted to write a header, “If you’re scanning, don’t bother.” Because my words carry great import, obviously.

• How long before the Valentine’s-Day flowers fade and the chocolates are gone? But let the kiss linger and the look of love continue. Marriage isn’t eternal, but romantic love ought to last a lifetime. It may seem paradoxical, but romance has to be worked at, cultivated, prolonged by regular effort. Some like it sappy, others more subtle, here and there a literary strain, but whatever your style, develop and sustain it. Even foods get garnished.

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