Collaborative study Bible notes

You up for a month-long project? Add your notes to the NT reading schedule that we’re doing. One chapter per day, weekdays only. At the end of the reading on Acts, I will choose and edit some of the notes for inclusion in a document that looks something like this.

Here’s how it’ll work: Each weekday I’ll post a chapter with a link to the NET Bible text. Using that text, you make in the comment area as many notes as you wish, following this format: verse number, word or phrase in quotes that you’re commenting on, followed by your note. It should look like this note from Acts 1:

6 “restoration” Simeon looked for the restoration of Israel, Lk 2:25, i.e., its independence from Rome and return to the glory it enjoyed under David and Solomon. The expectation was keen among the Jews of Jesus’ day. The disciples had not yet disabused themselves of the idea.

All posts will have study Bible notes as the tag, so you can locate them easily on the site. Or just pop “study Bible notes” into the search box.

Notes should be very, very concise. Not unlike your study Bible of choice, or the People’s New Testament by B.W. Johnson, although complete sentences or descriptions longer than just a word or two are preferred. (See the PDF above, too.)

Notes may be of any type: textual, reference, theological, expository, applicational. My main interest is theological, getting to the meaning of the message of the book, so obviously those will weigh heavier for me. But all notes will be helpful here on the site, whether or not they get included in the document.

You are welcome to invite others to participate in this project.

Today’s reading is Acts 3, so I will publish chapters 1 and 2 today, chapter 3 tomorrow, and then we’ll be on schedule for next Monday. You may comment at any time on any of the posts. Questions?

I think this will be fun and spiritually edifying.

Legal stuff: By participating you automatically declare that you give, now and forever, to Forthright Press, sponsor of The Fellowship Room and of this project, full rights to use, edit, publish, distribute, sell, donate, bequeath to our children, or make orange juice with your contributions. (I promise to remove the seeds.) No one’s name will be attached to specific notes in the finished document. There might be some way of this being included in a future printed project, but it’s not likely. The main reason for this is to avoid any legal hassles, but we trust the Fellows and regulars; this is for somebody who might pop in to contribute in order to cause problems.