Collinsville Lectures

The family & I are going to go to the lectures in Collinsville on Thur & Fri (can’t make Saturday, unfortunately).
At very least I should see one other fellow (Phil)!

Thursday, September 15
2:00 pm About Sin & Salvation Kevin Rutherford
3:00 pm About How One Lives Phil Sanders
6:30 pm Congregational Singing
7:00 pm Why Don’t People Care About What God Thinks? Jim Faughn
8:00 pm About suffering Denny Petrillo

Friday, September 16
2:00 pm About the Church Denny Petrillo
3:00 pm About Human Life and Dignity Barry Grider
6:30 pm Congregational Singing
7:00 pm About Truth and Tolerant Society Mike McDaniel
8:00 pm About Justice (Eternal Reward & Punishment) Phil Sanders

Saturday, September 17
9:00 am About God and Creation Jim Faughn
10:00 am About One’s Soul (Man’s Nature) Barry Grider
11:00 am About Worship Mike McDaniel
11:00 am About Women’s Roles Kathy Pollard