I sit in my office; a comfortable office with a cup of coffee nearby. I lift up my head, making much progress in my Scripture reading today. I look outside and note that there is a film of sorts above the neighbor’s camper. Thought it was strange, but did not otherwise take notice of it more than mentioned. Look down, then up again and notice that a house nearby is on fire. I grab the phone, dial 911, but I no more get that done than a police officer is there and had already called it in (I assume). The trucks come, the house is engulfed, the flames rise, and the smoke billows. It is 6:50 on this Thursday morning and a fireman scaled the house sitting on the roof pitch, another comes up; a chainsaw in hand, a hole in the roof made, and smoke covers the firemen, and now they cannot be seen (from where I sit). With the structure of the house weakened like it is – if there is ever a time to talk about courage it is now. Small town firemen here in Sullivan – it makes you proud.

Proud of the men and women who serve, but heart-sick in that another suffered a loss as great as a home destroyed. A comfortable office just does not seem as comfortable.

(A letter to editor for the local paper)

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