Communion with the saints

Our preacher this morning seemed to get choked up near the end of his sermon as he talked about being grateful for finding the church. I’m not sure what prompted it, unless it was the support shown his family in the death of his father-in-law last Thursday.

Yesterday, we had four non-Christian couples to participate in our little get-together in Taubaté. Ricardo and Marilia did a great job putting it together. It was a three-in-one event: a couples’ shindig, a country party typical of June, and Valentine’s Day (June 12).

Coming up Saturday is our monthly advanced Bible study, part three of what I’m calling the “Theology of the Biblical Model.” The word “theology” is a favorite here, so I used it, for the first time, in the advanced study. I suppose it’s good shorthand for “What the Bible teaches about …” When I first put it together, it was seven pages of outline, and I’ve added to it since then. I might stretch it into July, but will probably need to give it rest after that.

Almost every Sunday we eat lunch with a Christian family, either here at home, when The Missus is able to get it together, or at a buffet restaurant. That, plus the meetings of the two congregations we work with, means we’re all day Sunday with Christians, which we enjoy. And sometimes after the second meeting, some opportunity comes up as well.

Well, much of me and we here tonight. Let me end with this:

Communion with saints is always sweet,
And all the more in trials;
In church with faithful friends we meet,
Who’ll walk with us for miles.

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