Complications of Beauty

Randal asked how we defined beauty. As John  Henson and  Mike Riley have discussed, inner beauty matters far more then outer beauty.  We all need to be involved in this noble quest to magnify our inner beauty and share it with the world. In so doing, we spread the light of the Lord to everyone we meet (John 8:12).

However, outer beauty is an interest of mine, along with physical attraction.  I think it is the writer in me. Anyway, physical attraction is filled with complexities. There are so many reasons why we are attracted to certain looks. They may be based on our parents, important people in our formative years or relationships we had or wished that we had when we were young.

We are all attracted to beauty, God gave us this trait and we can use it for good or ill. Moreover, we are attracted to all the aspects of physical beauty. We are drawn to certain people of the opposite sex.  The appeal is real, even if we have no idea why it is occurring. Scientists study the subject and cannot account exactly what draws us to one another.

Even the culture can dictate what is considered beautiful. In some cultures, overweight people are more attractive while in others, a skinny body is most desirable.  It was not that long ago when the very skinny, almost anorexic look was the ideal. Whereas today that has changed somewhat

Blonde was considered the most attractive hair color for many years while brunette is more coveted today. To some, porcelain skin is very attractive while to others, dark skin is irresistible.   It is all fickle.

Yet, we all have control over ourselves and the Lord intends for us to remain cognizant of His will (Hebrews 13:4). Even after we are married, we will find certain people other than our spouses undeniably attractive. To deny otherwise is naive. But we have committed ourselves to one person for life (Matthew 19:6).

Physical attraction is something a person is blessed with like athletic or musical ability. They can use it to make the world a better place or employ it to advance the plans of the devil (Ephesians 6:11). Someone who possesses unnatural physical beauty who labors to develop inner beauty can truly impact the world around them for good.

Of course, everyone is beautiful in God’s eyes and physical beauty can be ravaged by age and time. The person who relies on their looks to get them through life will find themselves lagging behind when their looks fail and they do not have the money to keep having surgeries to stave off reality. In the end,  inner beauty lasts longer than physical beauty, so we all need to be seeking what is truly important in our lives (Matthew 6:33).