Confession: I’m a Posterous partisan

blogging toolsI’ve made a gazillion posts just today on my — what shall I call it? — backup blog, secondary blog, quote-heavy blog, quick-points blog. You name it, it’s there: politics, religion, work efficiency, “fail” items (police shoot lawn-ornament gator), general perversity (8th-grade field trip to Hooters), specific goodness (perspective on the Bible memorization group). I call it “Simplicity from the Center,” since everything holds together because Jesus is Lord, and his perspective, we hope and pray, prevails.

It’s hosted on of which I’m an unabashed fan. It lacks a few features, or I would have transferred my main blog there. Nearly transferred some of our big sites there as well. May do it yet. The few features I miss are things like more detailed stats, available immediately. (Google stats are available, though, for those lovers of that service.)

There’s a big row over Posterous vs. Tumblr. I confess to a lack of appreciation for the later, though I post to it through the former, automatically. My contributions even get a bit of attention there. Two items on Tumblr were reposted today. I’m sure it’s a good service, too, but I’ll keep my opinions to myself.

My faith in Posterous was confirmed through the set-up of the 100 Scriptures site/list. Easily done, and people find it easy to sign up to. In five days, 54 people signed up: a tribute, of course, to Jon Warnes’s initiative, but also a hat-tip to the ease of Posterous.

Having said that, I’m a WordPress fan, and the latest feature of the full-screen mode redesign is nothing short of maximum cool. But WP has so many features, sometimes you can get so lost in the oversight and administration of the software that you lose sight of the purpose: writing.

Posterous’s bookmarklet makes the quoting and writing painless. More than painless, pleasurable. And posting one’s own material is only an email away. Really. Try it: send an email to and see what happens. I dare you. (Are you juvenile enough for a dare?) You can send photos, audio, video, and it’ll post it for you, beautifully.

That reminds me to tell you: some good friends from the Somers Ave. church, in NLR AR, are going on a two and a half month trek to Alaska. I talked to them Tuesday night, on their second day out, from their camp site somewhere in Missouri, having just gone through Joplin. I asked if they were going to blog their trip, and they weren’t sure how to start. So I gave them the email address above and told them to start. That’s all. Sure, they can set up a nifty name for their blog, choose themes, and do all sorts of stuff, but to start, just send an email and you’re off and running. Easy for them to do, depending as they are on wifi at camp sights, unfamiliar with setting up blogs.

So there, you have my confession, without resorting to waterboarding.

Excluse me, I see a quote I want to posterous.

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