The NUDGE prompts us to consider/remember a confrontation to one who teaches falsely. Not unlike many on the list who will provide and read, I have had many opportunities to confront error. Just this morning I cut and pasted a brother’s remark (who is well into his golden years, and knew Foy Wallace) relative to Colossians 2:14 did not (and does not) teach that the Law of Moses has been nailed to the cross.

The first thing I will do is thoroughly read his position paper on this, respectfully taking notes (without impugning his genuine motives). Then when I write something – because I will write an article on it – I will be sure that I am charitable in my remarks, but firm.

If this were in a Bible class, my approach would be one of respectful hearing and then polite guiding. In a public gathering, I try to minimize any kind of unsettling if I can. If a brother is insistent on being unsettled, then I will figure my way through it.

I write of this because I have observed that, for some, at the first sight of “error” there is a line drawn in the sand. I would like to think that people do not hold to error because they KNOW it is error – they genuinely believe it to be the truth. Take for instance the recent link/post from the UMC professor. I will do what I can to minimize any public embarrassment, but if one is insistent on something that is plainly and explicitly error, then I will grow more firm in my response.

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