Confused Folks

We have a church of some kind across the street from our church building. When we arrive on Sunday morning, they are in full bloom with their loud instruments. Their auditorium is very small, yet their preacher needs a loud sound system and preaches to the drummer’s back beat.  We can hear most of what they say and sing all the way across the street, even if we can’t understand the words. The people inside must be nearly deaf.  For the record, false doctrine isn’t any more true if shouted.

We also have a billboard less than a mile away boasting a start-up church where their husband and wife pastor team proclaim their motto for the year:  “No Sin in 2010.”

How long do you think that lasted? (Romans 3:23; 1 Peter 5:8).

It is heartbreaking how confused people are in the religious world. *sigh*

#church, #denominations, #truth