Conversion of Cornelius

My favorite conversion story in the book of Acts?

Not because the story contains the highest concentration of visions and angels of any of the stories. Nor because of the strangeness of the sheet full of animals. In the conversion of Cornelius, the gospel makes the jump to the Gentiles. Yes, the Samaritans had heard the gospel, but they were half-breeds, part Jews, and that puddle jump wasn’t as momentous as the one that crossed the only true barrier of the ancient world, that of Jew and Gentile.

It is retold for the benefit of the Jews in chapter 11, so only one retelling behind the conversion of Saul.

This man and household who cared deeply for God are given the opportunity to repent for eternal life.

God makes all this happen, as he changes minds and moves men to a meeting and a message for redemption.

May we see many a sheet full of all manner of beasts coming down from heaven!

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