Corrupting Other People’s Children

I want to talk about a strange brand of hypocrites who hate children. Well, that’s not exactly true. They only hate other people’s children. Let me explain.

Trevor and Jasmine are married and they have two children, a nine year-old boy and a seven year-old girl. They love their children more than life itself and they protect their children in every way that they deem important. They do not allow their children to watch certain channels on TV and they are very careful about what kind of music their children hear. Most of us would say they are good parents.

Now, let’s consider the following scenario. Trevor and Jasmine are with two other like-minded families in a banquet room at a local restaurant for a birthday party. They are all dressed in their best clothes. Half-way through their party, a man they do not know walks into the room containing all the children and parents. The stranger starts loudly cursing and talking about his sexual prowess.

What do Trevor and Jasmine do? Trevor goes over and pushes the man out of the room, screaming at him to shut his filthy mouth. Meanwhile, Jasmine has covered their children’s ears. Naturally, they love their children and don’t want them corrupted.

Trevor and Jasmine take their children home and leave them with a baby sitter. Trevor and Jasmine change their clothes and put on jeans and t-shirts. Trevor’s t-shirt brags about his sexual prowess and Jasmine’s is covered with profanity. Happily, they go to Walmart to shop among other nine year-old boys and seven year-old girls who can read their shirts and be corrupted by them.

Hence, hypocrites. Pure and simple. No one better corrupt their children but they can damage other kids.

In all honesty, what is the difference in walking into a room of children and saying obscene things and wearing obscene t-shirts in a store where children are present? Nothing. Both exhibit a hatred of children, no matter what rationalization we use.

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