Count the Cost

Sometimes I wonder if we realize what we are doing. We work really hard to talk to our neighbors and to convert them. And we should! BUT…Somewhere along the line, we seem to think baptism is the end all and be all. Now, I fully agree that no one can be saved without baptism. It is at that point that God washes our souls clean and adds us to the church. However, how many times do we caution the prospect to “count the cost?” What was the purpose of baptism if the person we taught has no idea that he must give up stealing? Lying? Drunkenness? Foul language? Ball games instead of church? Adultery? Homosexuality? If we have not taught him that he must stop those sins…that he must weigh his sinful nature against serving God…have we done him a favor? Or have we increased his burden? Yes, he can repent after baptism…but what if we have not told him what he needs to change and he has no desire to change? Are we looking for souls…or just looking for numbers?
What say ye?