Counter-cultural Christians

Some won’t like my FMag article today, since I name names—something I do rarely. This is happening near us, so we’ve taken care to warn the faithful. Names are not the big issue, truth is. But Jesus did not separate the fruit from the wolves. On the contrary, by what they do and say, you will know who they are.

• Remember that the most dangerous threats to the saints appear as the most benign and attractive friends. This is true in morals and doctrine.

• On the road, I saw gas prices for $2.98 in N. Little Rock yesterday, on the other side of the highway from me. I bought it for $3.03. May it fall even more!

• Why are there not more alternatives for inexpensive housing? Even with housing prices in the tank, the dream of owning one’s own home seems even more distant. In the race for status and size, housing construction has become the most expensive item in the family budget.

• Christians avoid being swept along by social and cultural values. They are, ought to be, the ultimate adversaries to cultural currents that reflect materialism and other godless attitudes. They seek alternatives that glorify God, permit their full attention to his mission in the world, and allow them to express godliness in every movement.

• There is a point beyond which we can keep saying that Christians ought to do this or that while admitting that they don’t. If they don’t follow the Lord, they aren’t his followers. How long have we preached about the necessity of obedience? That translates beyond baptism into the daily cross-bearing of the disciple. And if they don’t? Discipline is the Lord’s solution. When was the last time your congregation disciplined someone? Someone once called it the forgotten commandment. Now, perhaps it might best be styled the snubbed commandment.

• TV commercial for Hebrew National hotdogs says, “O. M. G.” This from Jews who used to think God’s name so holy that they wouldn’t speak it on their lips? Let us be sure we speak the name of the Lord always with reverence.

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