Courageous, the movie

Although it is a rarity, my wife & I went to the movies last night! Actually, it was late afternoon so we could get the “discounted” ticket price ($7 a piece instead of $9–what a deal!).

Anyway, we saw Courageous and loved it (all of it except the denominational plan of salvation part–which I knew would be in there somewhere, albeit brief). The movie is made by the same folks who put out Fireproof a few years ago (a movie about cultivating stronger marriages) and Courageous focuses on being better fathers. There is a lot of action and emotion throughout the movie. I would suspect most women would cry a lot during this movie and many men will likely shed a few tears as I did.

I won’t give the details away but will simply encourage you to see this movie if you have opportunity–or rent/buy the DVD in a few months when available.

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