Cover-up or renewal? – JAM

In 2007, the Chinese government of southwestern Fumin county decided to improve the “feng shui”, the harmony of the physical environment, for villagers next to the mined-out Laoshou mountain. But the so-called reclamation project does not involve planting trees grass, flowers, and bushes. Instead the government spray-painted the mountainside green. I grew up in central Illinois near Kick-a-poo park. The park had once been the hilly wasteland left by coal strip-mining. But now it is a beautiful and popular destination of vacationing families. Somehow I don’t believe it would have had the same effect had the hills been merely spray-painted. One is a complete transformation; the other a quick cover up! Whether environmentally or spiritually, a cover-up will never do. What is required is a total transformation. This is Just-a-minute with Ed Boggess

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