Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #13 – I basically feel like a four year old! I don’t mean physically or even emotionally, but rather, in trying to communicate with others. Operating in a foreign country with a foreign language can be extremely challenging. I actually speak a great deal of Spanish and I can get around, no problem. But, that’s it! I can only “get around.” I cannot have those deep, meaningful conversations about the condition of one’s soul, or convey my emotions of sympathy or excitement in reaction to some major event in a person’s life. Although I just completed my first week of language studies, I can tell it is going to be a very long and slow process to master the language. As to feeling like a four year old, everyone keeps telling me, “just don’t be afraid to make mistakes or laugh at yourself.” If I’m going to be a toddler, I guess I can be thankful there aren’t any trial and error things to learn like hot stoves or something.

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