Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #17 – I am so thankful for my team mates who already have mission and cultural experience here in Paraguay. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must have been to get acclimated when they first arrived here. We have had the blessing of their help in getting our housing set up, negotiating contracts, securing various services, and doing the like. It has allowed us to expedite the process by a large degree. It would be extremely difficult trying to accomplish all this without their assistance. In the meantime, they are continuing to progress with the work while we “new arrivals” get acclimated with the language and culture. Once we are up to speed and have been “grafted” into the congregation, then we will assume several responsibilities. Eventually the original team members will return to the states and the rest of us will continue on. They planted, we will water, and from there, God gives the increase.

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