Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #19 – I hate to admit it, but I believe I have already experienced the first effects of culture shock. The first stage is appropriately called the “Honeymoon Stage” where everything is new and exciting. (Done that). The next phase is called the “Anger Stage” where the new has worn off and everything becomes annoying. This is a result of allowing cultural differences in everyday activities to become annoying, or aggravating. I believe I am experiencing a little of both, simultaneously. The source of my problem: contract “negotiations” for our rental duplex, my car keeps breaking down, paying fees for this, paying fees for that, plus a language barrier in a society that is, well, quite frankly, SLOWER than I am used to. All of this has finally taken its toll on my patience. I have officially been labeled “moody” by my team mates. That was my clue – “culture shock stage two … commencing … now!” Thankfully, I have some really patient team mates and a supportive wife who are helping me cope with this stage. I am praying fervently for patience and understanding. I know the Lord will provide if I just lean on Him.

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