Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #20 – I am simply not used to doing business like this. I am certainly not used to expending large amounts of money in one month. I keep having to tell myself, “We raised the funds and we budgeted for this … we budgeted for this. It’s OK, it’s OK.” In order to get settled in, we are having to purchase things like a car, pay deposits on a rental duplex, install air conditioners and security systems, purchase major appliances, and set up insurance coverage for health, car, and property. In one month, I have spent a ton of money. I don’t think anyone really LIKES to dispense large sums of money. Add to the discomfort that everything is being paid for in cash. Paraguayan guarani cash to be exact. One US dollar is equal to about 4700 guaranies, so 1 MILLION guaranies is equal to about $200 in US currency. The things I have been paying for cost millions upon millions of guaranies. Yes, it takes my breath away to think of it in those kind of numbers. But, on the bright side … I guess I can truthfully say that I am a “millionaire” (depending on which currency you choose)!

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