Culture Shock Chronicles

.Journal Entry #22 – I am in a much different place today than I was this time last week. No, I am not referring to my physical local, but instead, my frame of mind. You see, last week I was robbed. Someone broke into our car and stole my backpack. It had my laptop, my Passport, a video camera, and (most important to me) my study Bible from preaching school. Of the few possessions I brought with me to Paraguay, the things that were stolen were the most precious to me. I find that rather ironic and now I am considering that it may have been a blessing in disguise that I was robbed. Why? Because that experience taught me how vulnerable I am at any moment. It taught me that earthly possessions are just that, earthly possessions. People are much more precious. It forced me to recognize the environment and situation in which I am now working with a greater sense of reality. It helped me to see something about myself that I never knew before. It demonstrated to me the true meaning of James 1:2-3. Yes, this is a different place for me. God is good.

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