Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #25 – Exactly what is my job? I have been struggling with that question for several weeks now. You see, I like to stay busy. It is a thrill for me to mark something off my “to do” list. I love having a project to work on. I have a sense of needing to accomplish something everyday to feel like … well, that I accomplished something. I love being a servant in the Lord’s kingdom. There is much to do! But here lately, my “job” feels rather ambiguous. I can’t operate on quite the same level as I did in the States because in Paraguay I am handicapped by a language barrier. Over and over I have been told, “Your job, right now, is to simply learn the language and the culture.” So, my “to do” list consists of: 1) language study in the morning; 2) talk with, walk with, listen to, and observe the people with whom I come in to contact; 3) repeat. OK … I feel better now that I have a list.

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