Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #28 – There are three dominant traits in every Paraguayan, (according to some advice given me by one of the local’s who was nice enough to share his thoughts). They have special names for every trait, but I will spare you the lengthy, indigenous Indian vernacular that they apply to it.
First, there is the “Avoid Any Responsibility” trait. This means that even in the middle of a conversation between two people, if the Paraguayan suddenly feels uncomfortable, he might say, “Are you talking to me?” Second, there is the “Do As Little As Possible” trait. The reasoning is this: why do a job all the way if you can get away with doing less and still get paid? Then finally, there is the “I’m Always First” trait. It doesn’t matter that you were already standing in line, when I am ready to order I will walk in front of you. After hearing these explanations from the kind gentleman, I couldn’t help but think that I am sure I have seen these same characteristics somewhere else. I find it interesting that all of these traits have been in existence in EVERY culture (more in some, less in others) since the beginning of time. They certainly exist in America because I have seen it and dealt with it personally. They are also described in the Bible and God provides the perfect way to help us learn how to remove these traits from their lives. I can only be thankful that I have His Word and wisdom to pass on to my concerned friend.

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