Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #30 – Just the bare necessities: food, clothing, shelter, companions, and the Bible. That’s all anyone REALLY needs. It is amazing how one can be content with so little. (Sounds very Pauline doesn’t it? cf. Phil. 4:11). Yet, we Americans prefer to have lot’s of STUFF. I once heard a weatherman advise people to please wait until after a hurricane had completely passed before ”feeling the need to get out and move your ‘stuff’ around.” That is so accurate! We are like little ants constantly scurrying about having to move “stuff” from one place to another. I got to thinking about this when I was looking around our new apartment and noticed how bare it is. We have no furniture or other “normal” things in our house, yet. All of our furniture and belongings are stuck in shipment. They probably won’t arrive for another two or three months. Yet, we are perfectly happy to just be in our own place. We have food, clothing, shelter, companionship, and our Bibles. Life is great! ……. but, I must admit, a sofa would sure make it a little better.

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