Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #31 – It brings me to my knees every time. I have been raising funds for more than three years and as anyone who has ever done that will tell you, it is exhausting. There are so many emotions that one goes through that it would probably take a few volumes just to describe it in written word. But, there is one emotion which simply eclipses them all. It is the feeling I get when I receive a phone call or an email telling me that someone (or some congregation) wants to support our work. Yes, I feel happy and have excitement, but first, I am brought me to me knees, overwhelmed with thankfulness. I immediately go to God in prayer thanking Him for what He has provided. I have received a few of these calls and yet, it humbles me every time. I get this strange sensation in the pit of my stomach and then a realization overcomes me that I am just a meek and lowly servant in a vast and marvelous kingdom. I am serving the King of kings. I can only begin to imagine how overwhelmed Peter must have felt when he came face to face of the magnitude of our Lord´s almighty power when he was humbled before Jesus, (Luke 5:4-9).

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