Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #33 – There are many cultural crossroads. One simple question within this context is, “What are you?” Are you an American first, or, are you a Christian first? In other words, do you place your citizenship as an American before your citizenship in heaven? What takes priority in your decision making process? There are many Christians who get this fundamental principle confused. Yes, the Bible says we are to be responsible citizens (Romans 13), but, it also says that we are a peculiar people, set apart from the world (1 Peter 2:9). Therefore, we need to make life decisions based upon how it will effect our citizenship in heaven, FIRST.
This is not just an American problem. We have experienced this same problem here in Paraguay. One of the dominant threads running through the fabric of Paraguayan society is the “who you know” aspect. Our brethren will sometimes make decisions based upon how it will reflect upon them in society – even if it is contrary to the scriptures. So, the question becomes, “Are you a Paraguayan first, or a Christian first?” How will it effect your eternal destiny? (Acts 5:29)

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