Culture Shock Chronicles

Journal Entry #36 – How do others see me? I have heard the saying many times, “The only sermon some people may hear is the one they see in the way you live your life.” I have also learned that being a Christian is not just a name that we wear, but it is something that we DO. This has never been more true to me than right now. In the mission field, I am not able to speak the language as well as I would like, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping busy serving others. How does this effect the way others view me? What stops any us from going to every study or function offered with the congregation? What’s to stop us from working in the kitchen at a church retreat or assisting others at a VBS? Or, when we go about our daily lives in the grocery store, the bank, or any place that we may find ourselves, do we act the way a Christian should act? There are many who may not be preaching from a pulpit in a church building, but we should all pray that our actions speak louder in the pulpit of our lives.

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